Fall 2015 LOI Round is Closed

All fall 2015 submissions have been logged for consideration. If your organization submitted an LOI and did NOT get a confirmation email, contact us immediately at info@corinahigginsontrust.org

The Trust will accept submissions for the Spring 2016 funding round on a rolling basis until January 4, 2016. Please consult the Instructions for Applying page for specific details.

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Spring Trustee Meeting – Upcoming Deadlines

The Trustees of the Corina Higginson Trust recently met and made decisions on funding for the spring 2014 round. Applicants will be notified of their decisions in the coming weeks.

Reminder: LOIs for the fall 2014 round are due on July 9th by 11:59 pm. When you submit, if you do not received confirmation with 24 hours this means we did not receive it. It is your responsibility to follow up immediately to ensure your organization will be considered.

Reporting: Grant reports for those who received grant in the spring of 2013 are required to submit a grant report by June 31, 2014. Reports for grants distributed in the fall of 2013 are due by December 31, 2014. Please submit via email and consult the WRAG Guidelines.

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Spring LOI round closes – Fall Deadline Announced

The Corina Higginson Trust is no longer accepting LOIs for the spring 2014 round. For those who applied, you will be contacted in the next few weeks with a status update. The Trust will be accepting LOIs for the fall 2014 round on a rolling basis until Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

Please contact info@corinahigginsontrust.org with any questions.

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Spring 2013 Proposals Due

The Corina Higginson Trust recently met to consider the LOIs received for the spring round. Organizations invited to submit full proposals have been notified via email. Those invited to submit full proposals must do so no later than midnight on March 29, 2013. Grant decisions will be made in May with awards being distributed in June. Please note the new WRAG guidelines for proposals.

To be considered in the fall 2013 round, please submit LOIs by July 5, 2013.

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Fall 2012 Grant Round

The Trust is accepting LOIs for the Fall grant round. The deadline to submit an LOI is July 2, 2012.

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Update on Invitations to Submit Full Proposals

Like many of you, we were without power for several days (thank you, Irene!). These weather emergencies have delayed review of the LOIs and decisions about full proposal invitations.

Please be assured that we will send proposal invitations as soon as possible and will extend the deadline for submission of full proposals in proportion to the delay. You’ll still have plenty of time to respond to the invitation when it’s ready. We also expect to make grants by the end of the calendar year as usual, so award dates shouldn’t be affected.

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General Calendar for Grant Rounds

For those of you who may be interested in knowing the general schedule of activities for the Trust’s grant cycles, here they are:

Spring Round

  • LOIs due January 1
  • Invitations for full proposals extended by March 1
  • Full proposals due April 1
  • Decisions by June 30

Fall Round

  • LOIs due July 1
  • Invitations for full proposals extended by September 1
  • Full proposals due October 1
  • Decisions by December 31

Please note that these are general deadlines. In actual practice the dates might vary a bit because of holidays, weekends, or other considerations. Contact us if you have any questions. Please note that the Trust cannot accept late LOIs or proposals.

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Invitations Have Been Sent

LOIs have been reviewed. Emails have been sent to those organizations which are invited to submit full proposals for the Spring 2011 round.

Full proposals are accepted by invitation only. If you have received an invitation for this round, your full proposal is due on April 4, 2011.

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Upcoming Deadlines

The Corina Higginson Trust is uses a two-step application process.

Step 1. Submit a Letter of Intent.
Step 2. If invited, submit a full proposal.

The next LOI application deadline is July 1, 2011.

If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, you will be notified.
Full proposals will be accepted by invitation only.
Full proposals must be in the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers’ format.

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